Christmas Books!

For Christmas I received two new books!


One is the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament, I will be using it quite a lot. The commentaries by Dr Scott Hahn are deep and detailed, and I was up two hours after my family to keep on reading. I was reading it and I just had to take my highlighters and start to underline. The translation is the RSV, and even if it’s not the Douay-Rheims, it’s still pretty accurate, and Dr Scott Hahn does go and find the Greek root of certain words, so his explanations are very specific. I can’t wait to do Bible studies with it! You can get your Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament by clicking the link!

UPDATE : I have been using it for a while now and wow! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their faith and understanding of the New Testament!
51e5bk7zgklThe other is Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths, now that book is very interesting in that it backs vital Catholic Truths with Scriptures from the King James Version. It’s purpose is to help Catholic show protestants the verses in the Bible that back up specific doctrines, such as the Papacy, the Eucharist, infant Baptism, and much more! I am pretty happy with this as I have friends who are protestants and who always as me for specific verses. Catholics don’t memorize the whole Bible, so having a book to help along is superb! It’s a great tool for apologetics, or even as a gift for your follow protestants. You can get your Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths by clicking the link!

UPDATE : This book has been very helpful when discussing   with protestants, but I found I use more the Catholic Study Bible for everyday studies!

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