Saint Joseph of Cupertino

A saint I very much admire and who’s been helping me lately is saint Giuseppe da Copertino, born in 1603, who became a very poor and humble Franciscan priest in Italy. He is the Patron Saint of test taking, students, aviators, and a few more things. I provided a link up there from EWTN that explains his life in an article, but there’s a movie in black and white on GloriaTv for those who prefer to watch the lives of the saints. It’s not exactly accurate, but it gives a pretty good idea of his life, his trials and the special graces that were bestowed upon him.

He was not very bright, he had harsh parents, and almost everyone rejected him or ridiculed him because he was just one of those people who can do nothing but get on your nerves. Jesus loved the poor Giuseppe though, and He had a very special mission for him… Giuseppe was not able to preach on anything else than Luke 11:27-28 “Beatus venter qui te portavit.“, but we was ordained a deacon precisely because the Bishop opened the Bible to that very verse. He was ordained to the priesthood by the very grace of God. But by becoming a priest, he also came very close to God. He would often start to levitate when he was around something blessed or sacred, he would also get “fits of piety” where he would just kneel and pray, where ever he was.

Below is an excerpt of his life taken from EWTN.

There were many, by this time, besides the very poor who had come to realize the wonderful simplicity and selflessness of Joseph, hidden beneath his dullness and odd ways; a few had discovered the secret of his abstractness, when he would lose himself in the labyrinth of God. Nevertheless he remained a trial, especially to the practical-minded; to the end of his life he had to endure from them many a scolding. Often enough he would go out begging for the brethren, and would come home with his sack full, but without a sandal, or his girdle, or his rosary, or sometimes parts of his habit. His friends among the poor had taken them for keepsakes, and Joseph had been utterly unaware that they had gone. He was told that the convent could not afford to give him new clothes every day. “Oh! Father,” was his answer, “then don’t let me go out any more; never let me go out any more. Leave me alone in my cell to vegetate; it is all I can do.”

He would be shut up in his cell and he would see things going on elsewhere. He would kneel down to pray before a statue in the garden, and the friars would see him rise in the air, still in a kneeling position. They would come to speak to him, and would be surprised that he read their thoughts before they spoke; sometimes he would read there more than they wished him to know. One morning he came down to the church to say mass, and announced to the brethren about him that the Pope had died during the night. Another time he made the same announcement; the occasions were the deaths of Urban VIII and Innocent X.

O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a like favour in the examinations for which I am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.

Through Christ our Lord.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, Pray for us.


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