FSSPX, SSPV, Sedevacantism, & Other Modern Errors

Today’s world is facing a new kind of schism or impaired communion, as in illicit, in the Catholic Church, brought by the FSSPX (do not confuse with the FSSP) and modern sedevacantists, whose latter style comes from other more ancients schismatic groups.

If you go to the FSSPX website, (Here to be exact) you may see they do not hold the sedevacantists position that the chair of Peter is empty, they pray for Pope Francis, however, their illicit relationship with Rome means that they are not in full communion. Why illicit but not schismatic? It is because they never entered into complete separation from Rome (More Information Here). And yes, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI lifted the original excommunication to try to bring them back into full communion with the Body of Christ. Any good-willed individual will want to be reunited to Rome, that is if they believe that there is a Pope in the Holy City, as being outside of the Church creates divisions. As with all divisions, impaired communion and schisms in Christ’s Holy and Undivided Body are the works of Satan, and thereby bring eternal death. Men of good-will are going to do everything they can to be in full communion with his Holiness and the Chair of Peter. However, FSSPX, SSPV, and other similar groups are not doing everything to be in full communion with Rome, and that implies only three possibilities :

  1. They do not really believe in their hearts that there is a Pope in St. Peter’s chair,  and are therefore they are sedevacantists.
  2. They are so angry that their good-will is blinded.
  3. They are not of good-will.

Hopefully, all “traditionalists” are either blind or sedevacantists, for the third option can bring everlasting death. FSSPX are angry, while their splinter, the SSPV are sedevacantists. The SSPX Resistance? IMBC? Those I cannot say…

Like the Orthodox Patriarchs, SSPV Bishop Kelly does not recognize Pope Francis  as the true holder of the keys of the kingdom. FSSPX Bishop Lefebvre did (and Bishop Fellay does) recognize the validity of the Popes since Vatican II.  The reason for him and his millions of followers is the implementation of the council of Vatican II, as they hold the view that Vatican II has not been implemented correctly. (That is putting it mildly in a nutshell…)

Now you might think “What is Rome’s view on this?” Well they see the FSSPX as angry, but they also believe that the FSSPX will one day return to Rome and help the wounded Mother Church. What is the view of FSSPX on this? It’s hard to say, yet their actions holds a strong preference toward full communion, which likely mean that they also hope to one day be One in Christ’s Church.

The SSPV are more dangerous, as they hold the view that the Seat of Peter is empty, and thereby they reject the infallible teaching of the council of Vatican I. Notice it brings them back to Vatican I and not Vatican II… This sent them way back unto the two choices of Christ or nothing. They have two choices:

  1. Either His Holiness Pope Francis is the successor of Peter.
  2. OR : Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, is not Divine.

In the post Sedevacantism, I explain this in more details.

The FSSPX are not sedevacantists, but like all of today’s Catholics, they can easily be influenced by those errors. Thereby the next blog post is a warning to everyone to be careful on which position they holds concerning The Holy Chair of Peter.

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