God So Loved The World… That He Created Hell

The biggest proof of God’s infinite Love for humanity is hell, for only a loving God could create hell. God so Loved the world that He created hell, so that he who would refuse to believe in Him would not be forced to be in His presence, but would spend an eternity without Him.

Some people think that all are saved and that Hades will be empty at the end of times, for they think that a Loving God would never let people go to hell. To think so is to think of an imperfect god, an evil, cruel and wrathful god. It is actually a grave offence to God to think in such a manner. To think of an empty hell is impossible for many individuals want to go to hell. As an example, Saul Alinsky wanted to go to hell, his last book is  dedicated to lucifer, and he even said:

Once I get into Hell, I’ll start organizing the have-nots over there.

He said so in an interview with playboy, which is already a strong example of peoples preferring the enslavement of women for today’s pleasures over heaven and eternal life. By the way, if you have a sexual problem, go to confession and find help through a Catholic Priest or Catholic websites like:


Back to our topic, a Loving God will not force someone like Alinsky into heaven, instead, His Love makes it possible for Alinsky to go to where he wants to go: Hades. Hell hurts because God is not there, and because people thirst for God, especially in the after-life. The will does not want to be with God, as it sees God as something terrible, but inside, something wants Him. It is like someone–sorry Bobs–is dying of thirst beside a pack of mineral water, and, as a stubborn idiot, he refuse to drink the water because he does not like the taste of mineral water. Except in hell, Bob is an infinitely stubborn idiot, and he is immortal, meaning his suffering will never, ever, Ever end. Bob died, his hate and his will are one, he made an everlasting choice, and he will never turn back.

(God said that we would live eternally. When evil came and people (and angels) rejected Him, He created a corner just for them. Because heaven is eternal life, hell is eternal death, or Eternal Dying as Peter Kreeft says.)

Bob has too much pride and sins to turn back now, to do so would need him to be sensitive to love, and he is not. No amount of love or goodness or beauty will ever make Bob change his mind, as he hates them with everlasting hate. The only thing that could make Bob change his mind is God forcing him to, and that would mean that God is evil. Since Bob is now hate and pride itself, and no longer has any goodness in him, it would require God to destroy him. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe this, not Christians.

Remember that you cannot do evil so that good comes out of it. For hell to be empty, God would need to destroy Bob and his buddies. God would need to annihilating Bob for choosing evil over good, punishing him with non-existence for the wrong decision.  To destroy Bob, God must go against both Himself, and Bob’s free-will. Some does not believe in free-will, to them, I recommends the writings of Peter Kreeft, who said:

To love someone is to make them free. To enslave them is always a defect of love.

So, why can’t God destroy Bob? Evil destroys, Good builds and creates. Only a wrathful, evil god, could destroy someone out of existence because that person chose not to love Him. A good God weeps, an evil god destroy. Jesus died for us, but if we choose evil, we will go to hell, and He will not destroy us, as He respects our choice.

A hateful god cannot have both a heaven and a hell, for it goes against his nature, but a Loving God can only do so. A-basically-evil-god, lets call him false-god-#1 or fg1 for short, would never create hell. Why? Because fg1 is basically evil, and wants to torture peoples himself. Heaven, which is to be with God, is heaven because God is Good, but with fg1, it would be hell. Of course, fg1 would never create anything good, for he would not be able to do good in the first place, and creating something good is to do good.

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