Catholic & Protestant Nations Before 1894

Everyone hears of the great protestants civilizations of the 1800s, but no words of good is said of the Catholic civilizations of that same time. In fact, the 1800s are not really spoken of today, it’s history unknown to most of the populations. The age of enlightenment and industrial revolution is only sightly touched by school’s textbooks. The history of the period of the birth of democracy, the birth of all ideological ideologies against the monarchy that is, is never studied in dept. Only the political thinker’s ideologies are briefly learned, and the industrial revolution’s consequences quickly examined, but never intensively. The situation of the peoples living at that time, of even the lives of the political thinkers is avoided. The colonial empire’s territories are studied, and one or two cases of discrimination.

The reason this period is ignored is for a simple reason, for that time was when atheism and protestantism ruled the world. The civilizations, popular happiness, general intelligence, and morality of the world were in total decay. Only few true Catholic nations survived, and most of them were fighting against atheist ideologies within their borders. Yet the difference between majority catholic nation versus protestant and atheist nations make strong cases for Catholicism. Atheists were significant parts of certain nation’s populations. In 1891, the population of England was 27 millions people, 5 millions of them atheists. Protestants were obviously majorities in nations like the United States and the British Empire. Those nations can be studied, and their civilizations, popular happiness, general intelligence, and morality used to prove if atheism and protestantism are true.

Today’s history books do not study those times for good reasons, because it can be used to disprove atheism and protestantism. Catholicism can be proved to lead to better societies only by looking at those periods. As protestants and atheists will refuse the testimonies of Catholics, it is vital for their own predecessors to speak and give reasons for Catholic nations. As protestant and atheists were mostly part of the same nations, the testimonies of both usually points to the same problems. The biggest causes is that both atheism and protestantism does not requires the peoples to serve one-another.

In 1894, a priest of the Congregation of St. Paul the Apostle, Fr. Alfred Young, wrote a book to response to protestants, but it can also be used for atheists. Using protestants testimonies and protestants provided facts, he proves the difference between Catholic and protestants nations of that time. The book is a masterpiece, and was written to disprove “the alleged superior intellectual character and moral influence of protestantism and modern secularism.” (preface)

The title of this books also explain itself, and does not need more explanations.

Catholic and Protestant Countries Compared
Civilization, Popular Happiness, General Intelligence, and Morality

This books is in the public domain, and is available online. It might be hard to find it in anyone’s library, unless one is a book collector. The books is large, but of good resolution, and is in PDF. Check the FREE eBooks page (up there), or simply Click HERE to Download it on your computer right now.

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