Christmas Lambs

A lot of people think that Jesus could simply not have been born on the 25th of December. They say he was born either in the spring, summer, or fall. Never the winter. Don’t even think about it.

Alright, let’s go into a proof for the birth of Jesus in winter, to be exact December or January. Everyone knows about sheep at Christmas, and they are a proof that Jesus would have been born during this time.

Why??? Well Shepherds usually spend the night with their sheep during the time lambs are born, and it is related in scriptures that the shepherds were in fact in their fields at night. So are not all lambs born in the spring? No ! Of course not !

Sheep world-wide do not breed at the same time. In the northern parts of the world, where Canadians live, sheep breed during October to November, and lambs are born in March and April. In the south, near the subtropical and tropical world, sheep breed and give birth depending on the breed itself. There are no “fixed time” for several breed at all. Israel is in the south… Bethlehem has a latitude of 31 to 32 degrees. Not so North.

How about Israel, when do their sheep breed? The Awassi sheep are native to Israel, and have lived in the middle east for more than 5,000 years. In fact, Awassi sheep are the only native sheep for Israel, and it`s neighbouring areas. They breed in the summer, where it is too hot and not enough food. And guess when they give birth to their lambs? Their lambing season is from December to January. It is the time of the year where there is enough food for the ewes to have enough milk.

So let’s go think about a common objection against the birth of Jesus the Lamb of God. “It cannot be in December because lambs are born in the spring.” This objection to Christmas is in fact based on a lack of knowledge on sheep breeding and laying. The Awassi sheep are a proof for a December (or January) Christmas date, as lambs are not born in the spring, nor in summer, nor in the fall, in the land of Israel.

So next time someone goes and tell you that it is impossible for Jesus to have been born in December because of lambs, make sure to explain to them basic biology and geography.

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