[stupid] Objection to the 25th

As shown in my previous post Christmas Lambs, Jesus would have been born in either December, or January. Are there not some proofs against the birth date of December 25th? Was not December 25th chosen because it was a pagan holiday?

Christmas is the time when individuals are bombarded by people saying that the 25th was a pagan holiday. Saturnalia or Sol Invicti are used against the date of the 25th, but both feasts can be used to prove that the 25th is a reasonable date.

The usual Roman festival used to disprove the 25th is the festival of Saturnalia, the biggest Roman pagan feast of that time of the year. There are several problems with anyone trying to prove that Christmas came from Saturnalia. As Saturnalia happened from the 17th to the 23rd of December, it does not fall on the 25th. If the feast would have been kept, why not keep it on the winter solstice? Why two days latter, when no one celebrated anything except head aches? The 17th to the 23rd of December was (and still is for Catholics) a fasting week, not a feasting week. Very big difference. To prepare for the birth of Christ, early Christians celebrated Advent, Adventus, His coming. English get advance from this word, but with a slight different meaning. During that time, Christians prepares by sacrificing pleasures, like food, drinks, and games, while doing works of charity. Saturnalia was celebrated by pagans while Christians fasted and went hungry. Christmas did not come from Saturnalia.

Another pagan holiday was Sol Invicti, or “unconquered sun”. The emperor Aurelian created this cult in the year A.D. 274. It was a reference to himself, as he called himself the “unconquered sun”. There is no historical record of Sol Invicti being celebrated on the 25th of December until A.D. 354, where the Emperor Julian the Apostate renamed Sol Invicti to Natalis Solis Invicti, and moved its date. Natalis Solic Invicti means “birth of the unconquered sun”. Julian the Apostate had moved the date and renamed the holiday to replace a holiday celebrated by Christians. Julian is called the apostate because he left Christianity and returned to paganism, and while doing so, he created Roman pagan feasts on Christian feast days. Thereby it was not Christmas which tried to replace Natalis Solis Invicti, but Natilis Solis Invicti which tried to replace Christmas. Sol Invicti was not replaced by Christmas, Christians celebrated Christmas long before A.D. 274, and Julian the Apostate shows that the 25th  of December was a date recognized by pagans as a Christian holiday. Julian the Apostate failed and died, and Christians continued to celebrate Christmas on that date.

These feasts are the two main objections used against the date of December 25th, and when we examine them, we see both are straw-men arguments. December 25th was not stolen out of a pagan feast day. The date of Christmas, the 25th of December, comes from Christian traditions, not from pagans holidays.

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