Two brothers, Mathieu & Guillaume Langlois manage Garde Foi Langue Loi. The name of the site is the ancient family motto of the Langlois, which means « Protect Faith, Language, and Law ».

This site is under the special patronage of the Immaculate Conception. Other patron saints include Saint François de Laval, Saint John the Baptist patron saint of French-Canadians, Mère Marie de l’Incarnation who is the Mother of the Church in Canada. As well, we hold dear Father Prosper Bernard, SJ, who died at the hands of the Japanese while preaching the faith in China.

A few random facts :

  • Nicolas Langlois came to New-France from St-Pierre d’Yvetot, Normandie in around 1665, and on may 25, 1669―in order to receive the sacrament of Holy Matrimony―was confirmed through the hands of Saint François-de-Montmorency-Laval , in Neuville Québec. To this day, the plot of land on which he settled is still owned and farmed by his descendants.

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