The “Other Apostasy”

Donatus the Great developed a heresy, of which created many other heresies. This mother of heresies is the belief that Holy Mother Church is composed only of those who are just. The wicked were excluded from it. Like the protestant doctrine of Faith Alone, the Donatist doctrine of Just Alone created many other heresies. Just Alone implicates several layers of understandings, one of which is the ideology of the remnant. The remnant is the belief that the Catholic Church will (or has) fall[en] and the remnants will reconstruct the True Church. The remnant believes that the wicked will fall away from the church, and that the just alone will remain.
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[stupid] Objection to the 25th

As shown my previous post Christmas Lambs, Jesus would have been born in either December, or January. Are there not some proofs against the birth date of December 25th? Was not December 25th chosen because it was a pagan holiday?

Christmas is the time when individuals are bombarded by people saying that the 25th was a pagan holiday. Saturnalia or Sol Invicti are used against the date of the 25th, but both feasts can be used to prove that the 25th is a reasonable date.
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Catholic & Protestant Nations Before 1894

The reason this period (1800s) is ignored is for a simple reason, for that time was when atheism and protestantism ruled the world. The civilizations, popular happiness, general intelligence, and morality of the world were in total decay. Only few true Catholic nations survived, and most of them were fighting against atheist ideologies within their borders. Yet the difference between majority catholic nation versus protestant and atheist nations make strong cases for Catholicism. Atheists were significant parts of certain nation’s populations. In 1891, the population of England was 27 millions people, 5 millions of them atheists. Protestants were obviously majorities in nations like the United States and the British Empire. Those nations can be studied, and their civilizations, popular happiness, general intelligence, and morality used to prove if atheism and protestantism are true.
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On “The Great Apostasy”

What does Mormons, Jehovah-Witnesses, Adventists, Protestants, and even Islam have in common? They believe in a great apostasy, when the Catholic Church was created and went to killed the real “Christians…” They think that the original faith of Jesus and his disciples was eradicated by Catholics. The chosen date is the time of Constantine…
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Bible Study on the First Day of Creation

The third verse has a very symbolic meaning. The author writes that in the first day “Be light made”. However the sun and the stars are only created on the fourth day! So what is that newly created light? Well, we commonly call knowledge light. When we understanding or when knowledge seeps into our mind and soul, we say we are enlightened. Angels are spirits, and Saint Thomas Aquinas says that what makes them different from one another is the amount of knowledge they possess.
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